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Player Development Partnership

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KN Players
KN Players


We are working in conjunction with Khulani Nathi Sport Academy NPC to provide 7's rugby development to our disadvantaged youth who would otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue rugby.  

Khulani Nathi and the 7's Rugby Multiverse has put together a player support fund where we collect donations to be able to sponsor players to join a team and start their development and mentorship journey.  

It is our goal to change as many lives as possible through the wonderful game of rugby and we hereby encourage everyone to join us in making that difference.  

Khulani Nathi is able to provide Section 18A Receipts to those who are willing and able to fully sponsor one or more players' fees for one year.  Please note that this donation has to meet the minimum donation amount to qualify for the Section 18A Receipt.

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Khulani Nathi Sport Academy NPC
Reg No:  2021/142230/08
BBEE Level 1
Section 18A Certified

Let’s Work Together

Player Fund Donations

R10 Donation

R50 Donation

R100 Donation

R150 Donation

R200 Donation

For Section 18A Donations please contact us:

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